Dr. Narendra Vaidya

Managing Director

Orthopedic Surgeon

Embarking on our journey in patient care five decades ago, we set out to create a healthcare institution that would blend cutting-edge technology with unwavering compassion, all under the guidance of an internationally trained healthcare team. Today, we proudly stand as one of India's most trusted super-specialty orthopaedic chains, with a global footprint spanning continents. We also feel proud to be functioning as a chain of Multispecialty hospitals, in addition to our main forte of orthopaedics.

Our story is one of exponential growth, from local roots to a nationwide and worldwide presence. Across borders, our satisfied patients now lead vibrant, pain-free lives, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At Lokmanya Hospitals, we've always believed in offering our international patrons a comprehensive orthopaedic experience without compromising on value. Our clinical and support team, boasting a collective experience of 50 years, ensures every patient receives world-class care tailored to their individual needs.

Central to our vision is an unwavering focus on our patients. Our culture of patient-centricity permeates every aspect of our institution. While we embrace state-of-the-art technology from around the world, we understand that true healing comes from a human connection. That's why Lokmanya Orthopaedics is synonymous with two simple yet powerful words: Hitech. Human.

As we continue to innovate and grow as a prestigious chain of Multispecialty hospitals, our commitment to providing compassionate, cutting-edge care remains steadfast. Lokmanya Hospitals isn't just a healthcare provider; it's a beacon of hope and healing, where technology meets humanity to transform lives.