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What is Orthopedic Trauma?

Orthopedic Trauma is a severe injury to part of the musculoskeletal system, and often it is the result of a sudden accident Sports injury, Domestic fall, Road Traffic Accident, requiring immediate medical attention. While not all orthopedic trauma is life-threatening, it is life altering and if the patient  does not get immediate attention then it may lead to serious consequences like permanent disability or even loss of Life. Therefore, your choice of doctors is extremely important. Orthopedic Trauma specialists are unique in that they specialize in complex injuries to bones, joints and soft tissues (like muscles, tendons and ligaments) throughout the entire body. Many orthopedic specialists specialize in just one body part. Others may provide more general care but won’t treat more acute fractures, which are physically more difficult to fix. Orthopedic trauma physicians, however, receive training in the field of orthopaedic surgery with a special focus on the treatment of fractured bones and joint realignment to promote the safe recovery and return of functionality to injured body parts. So, they often treat patients with multiple broken bones, compound fractures and fractures near a joint (like a hip or knee). Orthopaedic trauma surgeons are able to follow patients through all stages of recovery and enlist the help of other specialists, if needed, to treat complex cases. By maintaining open communication with all providers, they are able to ensure each patient receives the care needed to resume a full and active lifestyle. Regardless of where a traumatic injury has been treated initially, patients can see an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Lokmanya Hospitals. Our surgeons are happy to give second opinions, provide specialty care for complex and multi-system fractures, or even perform post-traumatic joint reconstruction.

In the Year 2001 Mumbai-Pune express highway was made fully operational, one of the best roads in India, made for the convenience of public, but In spite of best road engineering experts, 3 lanes made according to the speed of vehicles, there were accidents happening at rate of 5-10 accidents per day. A strong need was felt and Lokmanya pioneered in establishing Comprehensive Emergency Medical System first of its kind in India in the year 2000 with a mission to reduce mortality and morbidity due to Road traffic accidents and injuries, through prevention, improved Pre-hospital trauma care, improved hospital care, proved rehabilitation as also research and training.

There is no legislation for transporting accident victims and ambulance networking during the early phase of inception (1995-96). The people were in sensitive and afraid to help the road accident victims. Further there was lack of multi-sectoral coordination and partnership among all concerned in both public and private sectors, with the involvement of civil society like Hospitals. All stake holders from Medical, Police, media, Fire Dept, NGO’s Highway authorities and Govt. agencies were called for sensitization on Emergency Medical System and encouraged them for establishing Pune EMS consortium.

With the support of participating stakeholders Lokmanya EMS has sustained the effort for the common goal of reduced road accident morbidity and mortality and providing comprehensive trauma care. These sustained efforts have resulted into effective reduction in RTA mortality rate to .003304 on Mumbai – Pune express highways. Lokmanya EMS got quality certification of ISO-9000 -2001. Today Lokmanya EMS is providing this services to the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab. Many National and International agencies have recognized the efforts and conferred with Shri Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ratan Award and Mahindra Navistar “Transport Excellence Award 2011” for Alternative Thinking.

Our Aim

  • To establish International Standard Accident and Injury Prevention Centre based Research
  • To replicate Lokmanya model of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in other parts of the country and abroad.
  • To provide Lokmanya’s EMS services to all National Disaster Medical Relief programmes.
  • To improve the education levels among the paramedics and doctors.
  • To provide EMS services to all National Disaster Medical Relief programmes.
  • To develop a national road safety strategy and plan of action.
  • To establish rapid transport facilities for Air lifting causalities.


  • The ever increasing rate of Road traffic Accident (RTA), industrial & domestic accidents has prompted us to initiate “Golden Hour Project” in 1996 and which was commissioned in year 2000 has Comprehensive Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Management
  • EMS Lokmanya has rescued over 50,000 road accident victims since its inception
  • Treating more than 10,000 trauma patients’ yearly
  • 700 hand surgery cases were conducted at Hand surgery & rehabilitation unit, reducing morbidity and saving man days lost because industrial accidents.
  • Emergency Pre hospital networking, we have 28 halt points on Mumbai Pune Expressway and NH-4 and Dahisar – Surat Expressway. Today Lokmanya Mobile Critical Care units (EMS Ambulances) are plying within the radius of 500 km stretch. Over 125 staff and doctors are dedicated to provide EMS services round the clock.


  • Shri. Rajiv Gandhi “Rastriya Ratan Puraskar” was awarded to Dr. N.V.Vaidya for the contributions made in the field of Emergency Medical Services
  • Lokmanya Hospitals were awarded with “Mahindra Navistar Transportation Excellence Awards 2011”
  • Best Emergency Hospital in India : National Award
  • Adjudged as Second Best Orthopedic Hospital in Pune Region. Time of India Survey.

The Lokmanya Advantage

  • Mobile Trauma Critical Care Units (MTCCU)
  • Rapid Trauma Rescue Units (RTRU)
  • High End Technology proven in developed Western markets made accessible to masses
  • Earmarked Institutional Practice
  • Superior Surgical Outcomes
  • Internationally Trained Young & Dynamic Team of Orthopedic & Spine Surgeons
  • An experienced & committed Management Team
  • Direct Community Connect
  • 360 degree approach from Awareness, Prevention to Treatment & Rehabilitation