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Who we are?

Led by Dr.Narendra Vaidya, Lokmanya Hospital is the first hospital in Asia to have introduced Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery.

Present in Pune, Kolhapur, and Mumbai, Lokmanya Hospitals not only offers orthopedic treatments but also advanced multi-specialty treatments.

Experienced doctors and World-class latest technology have helped us become a leading healthcare name.

With over 1, 00,000 happy patients, we are proud to offer the finest treatments to patients from around the world. Lokmanya Orthopedics, with more than 40 years of prolific experience in Super Specialty Orthopedic Care, is a well-known worldwide destination for International standard healthcare facilities.


Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

The pioneers of the Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement in India, Lokmanya Hospitals and Dr. Narendra Vaidya have collectively changed the game of knee replacement surgeries. What used to be a long procedure with a margin for errors has now been turned to high precision, minimally invasive surgery that lasts less than an hour.


Lokmanya Hospitals houses one of the best team of experts in Orthopedics who specialize in the treatments like knee, shoulder & hip replacement surgeries and athroscopies, sports medicine, and other related treatments that aid in reducing the discomforts of arthritis.

Trauma Treatments

Lokmanya Emergency Medical Services is one of India’s most active network of trauma care that provides 24×7 services. We pride in having reduced the fatality-by-accident percentage significantly on the Pune-Mumbai expressway and provide critical care during the ‘golden hour’ post any accident. Our network of services stretches over 5. states in Western India.

Multispecialty Treatments

Not only for orthopedics, but Lokmanya Hospitals believe in providing comprehensive treatments for all kinds of ailments. Our multi-specialilty clinics provide treatment options for neurology, cardiology, oncology, radiology, and other relevant issues.


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