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Spine Treatment In Pune


Deciding whether or not to have surgery, any surgery is a difficult decision. When the surgery involves your spine. Bowel or bladder problems related to the spine are considered an emergency; this alone is a  good reason to have spine surgery Progressive or severe weakness in a limb is also a reason to consider spine treatment in Pune. “Drop foot,” “clumsy hands,” “legs giving way” are all very concerning and could represent partial paralysis. Maybe you have a life-crushing debility from pain associated with a spinal condition that is not responding to all the treatments you’ve been throwing at it. Maybe you are bedridden and unable to participate in daily life in a meaningful way. If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider spine treatment


Benefits :

  • move around better.
  • more physically fit.
  • don’t need to take as much pain medicine.
  • go back to work.
  • more productive at work.


Spine Surgery at Lokmanya

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