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Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Dhanashree Vaidya

The nurse helped us a lot. Barring a few times, we always got quick response in the occasion of assistance needed. I thank Dr. Narendra Vaidya to have performed this very advanced surgery with complete expertise, which will benefit me a lot.

Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Murlidhar Dixit

I have suffered from knee pain for almost 25 years before taking the decision of a knee replacement surgery. The pain has now reduced after the surgery and I am looking forward to walk on my feet again.

Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Prabhakar Gore

Since the past 3 years, I had difficulty in walking around. But after just 3 days of my knee replacement surgery, I could climb a flight of stairs! I am very happy with the surgery and service of the staff.

Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Pratibha Deshmukh

We felt great right after entering the hospital! The surgery was done very efficiently and the timely visits reassured me of good care. The room given was also pleasant. The canteen food was good and we are happy with the service provided by the staff, especially the ‘mavshis’. A big thank you to all!

Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Sarala Patil

I am extremely satisfied with the overall treatment. The short span of the surgery and good post-surgery care surprised us pleasantly! The food, cleanliness and care provided by nurses are all top notch. My special thanks to them and the physiotherapists who built my confidence for walking properly again.

Patient of lokmanya Hospital

Dilipkumar Changedia

I have suffered from ankle pain for more than 25 years. It had returned even after a surgery, and as a result my knees also suffered collateral damage. I was hesitant to get operated on my knees but with the confidence instilled by Dr. Narendra Vaidya, I took the decision of getting the surgery done. The pain has reduced drastically now and I don’t see any risk in this surgery.