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Replacement of painful crippled arthritic knees is a leading specialty of LOKMANYA Hospitals. LOKMANYA Hospitals pioneered Total Knee Replacement Surgery three decades ago and is the leading practioner in this field. LOKMANYA has performed more than 2,500 Total Knee Replacements successfully over the last 5 years without infection or major complications, making it the preferred destination for knee replacement surgery.An exclusive Laminar Air Flow operation theatre with total body exhaust suits for the operating team keeps the incidence of infection much below global standards. Special anaesthetic techniques with combined spinal epidural anaesthesia and nerve blocks enable us to offer knee replacement to the elderly with co-existing multiple medical disease conditions. Every type of knee deformity from the mild to the most severe can be corrected with a variety of knee prostheses, including the latest Hi-flex knee offering 150 degree flexion.


LOKMANYA is also a pioneer in Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement which helps in ligament balancing and placement of the prosthesis with zero error. This should vastly improve the longevity of the joint. Considering the functional demands of the patients and faster recovery, LOKMANYA has specializes in Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement. Here Total Knee Replacement is performed with just a small 8-10 cm incision and the patient can recover completely in 3 weeks time. After surgery patients are immediately put on a CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine and encouraged to walk the next day, which decreases the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis. They are climbing staircase by the 5th day and are discharged on the 7th post – operative day.


Lokmanya Hospitals Recently Procured the state of the art OrthPilot ® Navigation system from the leading German Manufacturer of navigation machines-Aesculap-B.Braun.It is now the first hospital in the region to offer this benefits of OrthoPilot to patients.

OrthoPilot® is used to achieve the main surgical goal of perfect implant alignment without having to perform preoperational examinations or take radiation-intensive and expensive CT or MRI scans.OrthoPilot ensures near to 100% joint alignment post surgery which is not always the result in manual procedures.


Failure of Total Knee Replacements done elsewhere due to implant failure or polyethylene wear and loosening can be remedied by special Revision Knee Prosthesis. Patients with Knee Replacement, who have accidents and periprosthetic fractures, can also be internally fixed with special implants. The results are excellent and tailor made to suit each individual patient.